New Function in Capital Flow: Bulk Alternate Symbol Changes (build 987 or greater)

As a response to the problem of entering a large number of alternate symbols for data requests from a particular feed Capital Flow 32 now has a function to add a suffix and/or prefix to all stock and/or futures symbols in one pass. This feature can be accessed in the Special menu in Capital Flow 32.

Many feeds require a prefix for a symbol to clarify what exchange lists the contract or whether the contract is delayed or live. Examples include the requirement by Aspen/DTN that delayed contracts be preceded by a "D_" for delayed data. If you have signed up for delayed data for all futures, you can use this function to add a "D_" to all futures. If, however, you get live data for some futures exchanges, and delayed data for others, you are probably better off editing the symbols manually. See the Aspen Symbols page on this site for more information on manually editing the Alternate Symbols.

The "Bulk Change" function simply creates an alternate symbol for a specified exchange from the Capital Flow symbol (the one that you originally activated, whether from the Activate Futures/Stocks menu or from the Activate Custom function) preceded by the prefix you specify (if any) and followed by the suffix (if any) that you specify. It is possible to change Stocks only, Futures only, or Stocks and Futures, but checking the appropriate boxes. These new Alternate Symbols will replace any existing Alternate Symbols for the selected exchange that you may have entered previously.

After having made the bulk changes to Alternate Symbols, it may still be necessary to add additional changes to selected symbols, such as the E-mini CME contracts, which require an "@" symbol in front of the actual symbol, or the "All Sessions" contracts, which require two "@" symbols before the contract symbol. If you have delayed data, then, the final symbol should be "D_@ESU2" for the delayed E-mini September 2002 S&P contract, or "D_@@USU2" for the delayed all session September 30 year US Bond contract.

For Capital Flow 3.7 it is necessary to change the symbols manually, using the Utility / Edit Symbol function. We do not anticipate adding the above mentioned feature to Capital Flow 3.7 because of the extensive time involved in rebuilding that program.