“The Blue Books” by J. Peter Steidlmayer and Jim Miclot

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Blue Book I   Trading—By Self

  • Why do people have such a hard time trading?

  • Where can one find relevant market data for trading?

  • What’s wrong with the “buy low/sell high” approach? 

  • Why is exiting the most important part of trading?

  • How do you use cash flow instead of prices for trading


Blue Book II   Trading Psychology

  • What is meant by market feel?
  • What is the first step to trading success?
  • What are the hardest things for traders to detach from, and how?
  • What is the path to independence in trading?
  • How can aggressiveness be beneficial in trading?

Blue Book III   Fragmentation and Trading

  • What is the nature of market fragmentation?
  • What is the effect of information technology on trading?
  • Why hasn’t market data been more beneficial to traders?
  • How can you be so positive about X-Fund directionality?
  • What attributes of the X-Fund offer a platform for success?

Blue Book IV   Time-Normalization-Platform  (TNP)

  • What are the key ingredients in constructing a TNP platform?
  • What is the difference in TNP usage for trader and investor?
  • What determines success for either type of participant?
  • Can you illustrate by results the way to use TNP for trading?
  • Can a trader use part of this program without embracing it all?

Blue Book V   Inventory Insights

  • How does inventory imbalance put the market ahead of price?
  • Why does the spike between entry prices occur?
  • How do you evaluate inventory trading programs?
  • In working with TNP platforms, what has surprised you the most?
  • Does the inventory approach have additional legs?