Update for Capital Flow 32

Check the date at the bottom of this file to find the most recent update of this file.

Do not have Capital Flow running when you install this update.

If for any reason you need to update Capital Flow 32 and cannot open the program, use the update link below to start a program file only installation. This installer will only install minimal files for an update and is not sufficient for a new program install. If you are installing on a new computer, call our office to request a CD at 312-360-9466 or leave a message using our support request page.

When you click the "Start the Install" link below, you can either elect to download the file to your hard drive and start it after the download, or start the install directly from this site by selecting "Open". Either method will work, but if you elect to save the file, YOU WILL HAVE TO START THE INSTALL MANUALLY. For this reason it may be better to open the file directly when you are prompted.

If you have installed Capital Flow in a directory other than the default ("C:\program files\capflow32") you will have to change the install directory for the update. If you are unsure of the Capital Flow install directory, check with the person that installed your program, or just accept the default - in all probability it is correct.

NOTE: 64 Bit Windows Users

The updated (and Capital Flow 32) should be installed in the 32 bit program files folder, so when the install asks for the folder you must fill in "C:\program files (x86)\capflow32" to install the update correctly (or whatever other folder you installed to if you used a non-standard location).

Current version 1735 as of 12/12/2013

Start the Install